Google Gravity Tricks And Google Zero Gravity

All internet users knows about Google and its services like Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Translator and much more. But there are many other thing are available behind Google that can make your Google experience much better entertaining and exiting that you will definitely like to do. That is Google gravity yes you heard it right, if you heard about Google gravity first time than there are lots of surprises are waiting for you. And in this article we are growing to cover what is Google gravity and how it’s work and that will help you to understand 


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What Is Google Gravity And Google Gravity Tricks?

Now let me explain what Google Gravity is. Basically Google gravity is a trick or process where you will find Google with different view and activity, in simple word it’s a java script that execute the effect,  all are gravity based that’s why it’s called Google gravity, and there are lots of different Google gravitates available like Google zero gravity, Google gravity pop, Google gravity Underwater/ Google Water, Google Mirror Gravity, Google gravity space, Anti gravity Google Or Google Anti Gravity, Google Rainbow Or Rainbow Google, Google Guitar Gravity, Google no gravity, Zerg Rush Google Gravity, Google 0 gravity, Google gravity sphere, Google gravity fall, Google no gravity and much more. So keep reading to get the enjoyment of Google gravity and to claim Google gravity tricks. Whatsapp dp

Google Gravity Tricks

It’s very simple; you can create Google gravity by doing some simple tricks. All the Google elements will fall down in front of the screen. You can throw all elements by clicking from your mouse. Many people using Google gravity tricks to do pranks with their friends and if you are one of them then Google gravity tricks is the ideal one to try.

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How To Check Google Gravity Tricks

Ok now let’s talk about how to check Google gravity trick. As I said before there are lots of Google gravity tricks available. Easiest one is, just go to the link and you will see Google gravity trick straight away.

Or if you want to do it manually yourself then follow the steps

  1. First go to and turn of instant result. Check snapshoot for better understand.Screenshot_1
  2. Now type Google gravity on Google search box and click I am feeling lucky. Do not press enter key or search button, if you do then it will show you search result.

That’s it now you will see all Google page elements are effuse all over the page. And you can flying any object by clicking of your mouse. You can see the result on below image.

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17 Best Ever Google Gravity Tricks

Here are the most popular and awesome Google gravity tricks ever that you should try.

1. Anti Gravity Google Or Google Anti Gravity Tricks

Anti Gravity Google is awesome;  here is some twist you can get on searching. Anti gravity Google feels like that Google objects are against gravity, you will see that Google objects are floating on the screen like they are in space. When you click any object, it will float different corner of the screen, and that’s why its called anti gravity Google or Google Anti Gravity. It will work perfectly while you are searching for results, when you click any result then the website will open on a new tab, so you can use it for fun. Go from here for Anti Google gravity search engine.

anti google gravity


2. Google Zero Gravity Flat Fall

Google zero gravity is one of the best Google gravity that you must try. Here all Google objects will falls down flat to the screen. Google zero gravity is very amusing, you can flick any object ay where and don’t think this is only for show, you still can search from here. So go for Google zero gravity Go from gravity

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3. Google 0 Gravity

Google 0 gravity is same like Google anti gravity, these 2 thing are same but there names are different. objects will not fall straight, it will floating on different corner and fall down slowly like objects are in space where gravity is 0. Go Google 0 Gravity from gravity

4. Google Mirror Gravity Or Google Zero Gravity Inversion (Google Mirror)

Google Mirror really is the awesome Google gravity trick from Google, Google Mirror gravity or Google zero gravity inversion will feel you that you are on the other side of the screen. You will see it will invert all the content of Google. On Google mirror you will find all Google gravity in inverse mode and that’s why its named Google mirror. On Google mirror there are many categories available like underwater, gravity, terminal, Pac-man, Guitar, Snake Game etc. So Go from here.mirror gravity

5. Zerg Rush Google Gravity

Zerg rush is the awesome tricks of Google zero gravity. Zerg rush is another awesome interesting Google gravity based trick that can make different sense on your mind. On Zerg rush trick many Zeros will fall and remove all the search result and visible only 2 words that is GG, that is Google. To try Zerg rush Google trick follow the steps below.

steps are very simple, just type Zerg rush on Google search field and then you will see the magic, you don’t need to do anything after this.
zerg rush

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6. Google Guitar Gravity Trick

Well if you are a music lover then this Google Guitar gravity trick will definitely impressed you. Why? You will get your answer after applying this trick. Google Guitar is a trick where you can play your own tone on google search engine by moving your mouse on over guitar image, also it will play tone on every key you type on its search box. There is also recording option available that means after playing the tone you can here your tone, isn’t it awesome? So to make your own tone from Google Guitar just click this link and you are redirect to the Google Guitar page.
google guiter


7. Google Gravity Space Trick

Google gravity space is similar kind trick of Google anti gravity. All content will flow slowly all over the display, it will feel like you work on any space search engine. so go to the link for Google gravity space.
anti google gravity

8. Google Gravity Underwater/Google Underwater

Google underwater is another awesome trick that will make you search engine an aquarium. On Google gravity underwater when you click on search box it will fall down to the water and then if you type any search term then search result will fall in to the water together.  So Google Gravity underwater/Google under water is definitely an awesome Google gravity trick that you must try. Go for Google Underwater from here.
under water

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9. Google Gravity Sphere

Google gravity sphere is another trick created by same team. Google gravity sphere will give you the screen option to play. The entire screen of search engine will start moving like globe. Google gravity sphere will give you different experience. So go for Google gravity sphere from here.
google sphere

10. Google Rainbow Or Rainbow Google

Google rainbow is another Google entertaining tricks that may you like. And you will definitely enjoy this. Click on this link for Google rainbow.

11. Google Tilt

On this Google tilt Prank Google page will appear in a tilted position. For Google Tilt you need to type “Google tilt” on search box and and then click search, you are all done.

12. Winnie Google

Winnie Google is also little entertaining for its zooming out process. In simple word you will get small Google search engine. So go for Winnie Google.

13. Do A Barrell Roll

Do A Barrell is quite roundly trick. In this trick you can see whole search engine will turn 360 degree. For this trick you need to visit Google search page and just type “do barrel roll” then you can see search screen will start rotating.
barrel rol

Other popular Google Gravity Tricks

14. Google gravity pop

15. Anti gravity Google

16. Google no gravity

17. Google gravity fall


Mainly anti Google gravity, Google guitar gravity, Zerg Rush Google Gravity these are more entertaining Google gravity tricks but others are also very interesting. Hope you will find this article helpful; there are lots of Google gravity tricks available. We shared with you some of them and to get more Google Gravity tricks stay connected. If you like this Google gravity tricks then share on Facebook twitter and with your friends. Leave your feedback on comment box in order that we can help you.


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