How To Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans Without Hacking Or Jailbreak

Well, clash of clans is that kind of smart phone game that can addict you to play games also if you are not a game lover. The reason is whole system and procedure of this game, like troop and village upgradation, attacking other village, playing wars and so many things that will definitely addict you. Now come to the main point of clash of clans, whatever you do on clash of clans you need gems, gems are the main source of every single thing you do on this game, if you have huge amount of gems then you can do anything in this game, especially to unlock builders. And getting gems on clash of clans is very hard and slow, and this is the most boring part of this game. You can get gems by removing obstacles or completing achievements if you don’t want to spend money, but if money isn’t a problem then you can buy any amount of gems you want, and that’s how clash of clans developers are earned from this game.

free gems in clash of clans

But every people haven’t proper bucks to buy gems, and therefore on internet lots of sites are available where peoples are fooled for getting unlimited free gems, alexa and gold, but they don’t know that it’s not possible to get such things. But it’s possible to get free gems on clash of clans without spending money, and in this article I am going to share with you a tutorial of how to get free gems in clash of clans without jailbreak that you can make free gems. Well it’s not any hack or jailbreak, its 100% safe and working trick that I’m going to share with you.

How To Get Unlimited Free Gems In Clash Of Clans Legally Without Hacking Or Jailbreak

get free gems in clash of clans

So it’s a very simple trick to get free gems, you just need to install one of those below free apps and you can get up to 140000 gems completely free, first I will give you the apps that can bring free gems for you and next I will explain how you can earn free gems from them, just head over below.

Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans Without Hacking Or Jailbreak By Installing Free Mobile Apps

Free My Apps

Free My Apps is a free smart phone app to earn free gift cards. And with these gift cards you can buy free gems without any hacking or jailbreak. First download Free My Apps from play store or apple store and register with your mail address or you can register with your Facebook account. After successful registration now open Free My Apps, now it will ask for referral code if you have any code then past it here or leave it. Now just install all apps which they will recommend you to install and you will earn free points. Now when you reach 3000 points you can buy gift cards of $5 and if you reach 6000 points then you can buy $10 gift card. Like this you can buy many gift cards as much you want. Now how you can use gift card to earn free gems will discuss on end of this post.


TapLoot is another app like Free My App, good reason to use this app is it will provide you good points per app any other services will not provide you fast gift cards like this. All countries are available for taking gift cards, but gift card confirmation will take up to 48 hrs. Like free my app, do the same process on here, first register then install app until you will make 3000 points, 3000 points are minimum to take any gift card.


AppBounty is another app that can give you free gems by installing apps. AppBounty isn’t the best compared to above two apps but still there have many reasons to use this app. Like here you will find some exclusive apps that you can’t find on other platforms and all country are supported for taking gift card. But there are also many corns you will face like they don’t have any Google play gift card, you can find gift cards for IOS only, and sometimes confirmation of gift cards will take up to 1 day. So on AppBounty many pros and corns are there but still it’s a good app to get free gems on clash of clans.


FeaturePoints is also a great app for gift cards to get free gems on clash of clans. FeaturePoints has some special features specially their referral system they are using. It will give you normal points per app installation plus all countries are supported for gift cards so you don’t need to worry about that, and they also provide you PayPal payout beginning with 3 USD. So first install FeaturePoints from play store or apple store sign up and install apps to get gift card.

How To Use Gift Cards To Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans

So if you installed any of above app now reach at least 3000 points by installing free apps. Now grab a gift card code from your preferred app which will available on their menu option. Now open clash of clans, but first make sure you have signed in with your Google account if not then sign in on Google play game, it will require if you use Google play gift card. Now go to gems buy option, here if you have $5 gift card select on 500 gems pack and if you have $10 gift card then select 1200 gems pack. Now you will see two options for buy gems one is credit or debit card and 2nd is Redeem, select Redeem. Now type the gift card code here that you have got from your desire app and you are all done, after few seconds you will receive free gems to use. And with this process you can earn any amount of gems you want, if anyone have unlimited internet data then this is the best method to get free unlimited gems in clash of clans.

Final Words

On play store and apple store many apps are available to get free gift cards, but those are best and verified. You can search on play store and apple store for more apps and if you found more great app then share here we will add it on our list. So if you found this article helpful then please share this article on Facebook, twitter, Google plus, WhatsApp and on other social networking sites because every one doesn’t have money to buy gems. Your one share can help many game lovers who really like to play clash of clans like you. So if you faced any problem or want to know any tips related clash of clans just mail us or do a comment here we will give you our best to reply.


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