How To Root Android Without PC or Computer

Android is the best mobile operating system in the world, we all know that. It is also one of the most used mobile OS. Thousands of apps are available for it, you can do or change whatever you want in it, but there are some settings and apps which can’t be changed or removed until you have administrative rights, and that is possible only when you have a rooted android phone. Rooting is one of the best ways in which you can gain access even to those settings, which are restricted by default. There are many people who think that rooting their android phone will make its life shorter. If you are the one who thinks same, then let me tell you that rooting an android device is absolutely safe and you don’t have to worry about anything. There are many ways to root an android phone, but very few to root android without computer.


You need to learn the process of how to root android phone without computer first, before making any decision.But there come many times when you don’t have access to your computer or laptop and still you want to root the android device. Then I have good news for you, there are a number of ways available out there by which you can easily root android mobile without computer or PC.

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How To Root Android Mobile Phone Without Computer or PC

Root Android Mobile Phone Without Computer Using KingoRootApk

  • So in the very first method of how to root android without PC guide, I will tell you about an app named KingoRoot, which is known as one of the best apps to root the android mobile phone without computer PC. Firstly you have to download this apk file to your android device, you can do it by visiting its site from your mobile browser.
  • Do note that if you have not checked “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security, then during installation, you will get a prompt “Install blocked”, stating that “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”. All you have to do is to follow all of the instructions displayed on your mobile screen, and install the app completely on your android device.
  • The best thing about this app is that it is very user-friendly, and can be used right after downloading and installation. When you have installed this app, open it and tap on One Click Root button to start the rooting process.
  • Now you have to wait for some time, till the process gets completed. When the process gets completed successfully, your android device will get rooted.

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  • Next method is almost same, but in this method, you have to install a different kind of application on your android device. To root android without PC, you have to download Framarootapk on it and install it on the device. Framaroot is another great app to root android devices. It supports devices which run on Android version 2 to 4.2.
  • First of all, you have to download Framarootapk on android device, so that you can install it, but do note that there are much more similar apps available out there, so be aware of fake and genuine ones. Once it is done, you have to install the Framaroot from the apk file.
  • After downloading and installing, open Framaroot app and select the ‘install Superuser’ from it.
  • You can also select any of the exploits that appear in the applications.
  • Let the process run and do not switch off or operate your mobile during this process. One it is done, you will get a message, ‘Success, SU binary and Superuser installed”. This means you have successfully rooted your android phone. Now just restart it and start using it like a boss.

More Apps Which You Can Use To Root Android Without PC Computer

VrootVroot is another great application to root android phone without computer. You can install this app on your android phone and one click will root your device completely. Just for the betterment of users, they have made a PC version of this app so that people can root android mobile easily. The latest version of Vroot supports more than 8000 android devices across the world.

KingRoot This app is almost same as Vroot but there are some more features in this. If your android device is running on Mediatek (MTK), then you should use this app to root it. It supports most of the android device which runs on Android 4.4 or higher. I tried this app on one of my android device and it rooted it very well. Time taken was comparatively less, what taken by Vroot.

Final Words

So you have reached the end of the post which shows you best ways to root android without PC. Many people contacted me and asked how to root android without computer, so I thought to share the procedure and different ways to root android without computer. I hope you have liked the post and got what you were searching for. If you know how to root android phone without PC, then do let me know via comments below. So this was our guide on how to root android phone without computer or pc, and I tried to make it more and more helpful and informative for you guys.

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