Top 12 Best Torrent Sites 2017: Best Torrenting Sites

What is the best way of downloading high resolution movies, exclusive games, large files, software and much more, all for free?….. Yes!, you guessed it right, it’s Torrent. Torrent is the most popular online peer to peer file transfer technique which allows you to download high quality large files without any charge and all those who’ve used Torrent are familiar with its benefits .Just search the desired content on Torrent download sites and they provide you with the best high quality content with no expense and the popularity of these sites can be estimated by the fact that around 3.36%  of the total bandwidth on the internet is used by these best torrent sites only, to download files!


There are plenty of torrent sites available but there always stays a question in mind, ‘which site is best and most efficient?’. To save you the fuss and time to check the experience on every popular torrent site, we bring you the top and best torrent sites out there to download your desired file more efficiently.

Top Best Torrent Sites And Most Popular Torrenting Sites 2017

Kickass Torrent (

Kickass torrent is the most visited torrent site of 2014 and 215 and is the best and most organised torrent site of all, featured in this article. Kickass Torrent provides you with torrent file of the audio, video, movie, software or anything you search on the site and uses link magnet to acquire peer to peer file sharing protocol using BitTorrent. Kickass Torrent features thousands of movies, exclusive softwares, high quality audio and video files, books and and even bootable copy windows and the content is updated on regular basis.

Extratorrent (

Extratorrent is the second most busy torrent site of 2015. It is like Google for torrent files because of it’s easy to use search engine which features the widest range of torrent files, movies, TV shows, e-books and much more. The best feature of Extratorrent is that anyone can create and upload their torrent and share it to the world.

Torrentz (

Torrentz is one of the best and most popular website in the world to get torrent files. It is widely known as, but most of the times it redirects you to country specific domain. It is basically a torrent search engine which lists torrents based on search query first, and then on selecting torrent, you will be presented with torrent sites from where you can download torrent. On the homepage you can see most popular and trending search queries. No matter what kind of file you need, Torrentz will show up it’s available torrents. There are more than 25 sites from which Torrentz lists out the torrent files.

BitSnoop (

BitSnoop is another great torrent site from where you can download unlimited number of torrent files. You can get video, audio, games, softwares and other files torrents on it. On the homepage you can find links of TV Finder, from where you can get torrent links of TV Series, along with it there is an option to view top 100 torrent files too. When you are going to search anything on it, then you can customize your search based on what kind of file you are searching. BitSnoop have torrents from more than 350 sites and its index is updated regularly.


If you want to download or search for TV content, then you will not get better site than EZTV. This site is listed as best “Go-To” torrent site when it comes to quality television torrents and other television related stuff. On the home page you will get a list of latest added 50 torrents of TV shows. You can also create your account on this site, and have communication with other Forum members. Not only torrents, but you can also get latest TV news on it. Based on your location, you will be redirected to any of its domains, but don’t worry files remains same.

RarBg (

RARBG is a new torrent site, but have a really big database. It was started as Bulgarian Tracker. This site became popular from last one year as it was unblocked in United Kingdom. You can download movies, TV shows, games, music, and softwars torrents for free from it. On the home page, 8 most popular torrents will be showed and you can click on any of them to get more information about it. On the movies torrents, you will get a small icon named IMDb, when you will click on it, it will display IMDb information about that film. You can register on this site to participate in the community and leave comments on torrents.

LimeTorrents (

LimeTorrents is an older torrent site which is also one of the most trusted torrent provider. You can download almost all types of torrents from it. On the home page, you will see a huge list of most popular torrents around the world. You can also register on this site and make new friends. Making account on it will also allow you to chat with other members, and save torrent files in your account. This site have a unique voting system. You have to make account on it to up vote or down vote a torrent file and these votes are appeared as Smile Emoticon (Up Vote) and Angry Emoticon (Down Vote). On each torrent file page, it shows you trackers with Seeders and Leechers.

The Pirate Bay (

Many of you will think that why I am listing this site in the most used and best torrent sites even after it is banned. This is not completely true because many of The Pirate Bay versions are working all over the world. Reports says that after checking their database, nothing pirated was found. As we all know The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites with largest file database. On the home page, you will get many options to customize your search. You can view a list of top 100 most popular torrents of last 48 hours.

YIFY Torrents (

YIFY Torrents was launched about 3 years ago and in these 3 years, it have achieved so much popularity and it is even ranked in top 10 best torrent sites by many tech giants. From this site you can download torrents of movies. Its database is updated regularly, so you will find few new movies torrents every day on it. On YIFY torrents, you will be able to browse and download movies in excellent 720p, 1080p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size. Currently this site have more than 4000 torrents of movies and you can search for torrent by quality, genre and ratings.

isoHunt (

isoHunt is another widely used and popular website to download torrent files. This website is also known as the most advanced BitTorrent and best P2P torrent search engine. You can upload your own torrents on this site, but you will have to make an account there first. There is one unique project of isoHunt, named ISOPLEX (, which allows you to stream movies for free. All you have to do is to install its application for Windows, Linux or Mac system. IsoHunt was launched 2 years ago, in 2013, but the owner of this site has closed this site after two weeks only. But now this site is up and contains thousands of torrents.

Mini Nova (

Mini Nova is another great site to download torrent of files you need. This is an old website and already established its place among the people out there. You can create account on it and upload your own torrents. There is a statistics page in this website where you can view stats about this site. Currently there are more than 90000 torrents on this website and about 5,226 torrents were being downloaded per hour. One of the most amazing thing about Mini Nova is that it is family same website, so adult submissions are not allowed on it.

SeedPeer (

I am listing this site in the last, doesn’t mean that it is the least popular torrent website among these. SeedPeer is also one of the most popular torrent website and it is mentioned in the list of most used torrent sites of all time by many tech giants. It have a unique page named Verified on it, which have collection of all of the verified torrents. On Home Page of this site you can check out best torrents for movies, TV Shows torrents as well as music torrents. Using the search box, you can search for your favorite torrents.


Though there are thousand of torrent download sites available but these are best torrent sites and most popular worldwide. From these torrent download sites you can download your favorite movie video software games or any other files. We’ve listed here few torrent sites which are popular but if you think we missed any  best torrent site then do comment and we’ll update this list.


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